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Freestyle Martial Arts offers top notch instruction for Kids Karate and Adult Karate. Freestyle also features Judo, Boxing, Traditional Korean Martial Arts and fun Fitness Kickboxing classes! Our students enjoy state of the art facilities that are safe and clean. Men, women and children of all ages and levels of expertise are all welcome!

Every student matters at Freestyle Martial Arts as we focus on self-esteem, self-defense, and conditioning. Our emphasis is on you becoming focused and developing mental, physical, and emotional strengths. These attributes will allow you to become a true champion inside and out.

  • 13236 N 7th St Phoenix, AZ 85022


A word from Freestyle Martial Arts Owner Scott Brewer:

I started training in the Martial Arts at 18 years of age. I began my journey with Boxing and Shotokan Karate in Tempe Arizona. I am also a certified coach which has given me the opportunity to coach High School and Middle School sports, in particular soccer and football. My dream has always been to provide a family based martial arts school and offer affordable prices to families so that they may train together. I feel I have created a wonderful atmosphere here at my school that is safe and fun for the whole family!


Little Ninjas

Children ages 3 - 6 have specialized classes with instruction and activities designed to benefit them at their level of development.

All Ages

Children age 7 and up attend class with older children, teens, and adults. The whole family can participate together in a single class each night--perfect for busy families!

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are available to adults and children over 10 at a monthly rate or on a drop in basis.

Special Events & Seminars

Watch our calendar for special events like Summer Camp, Parents' Night Out, Star Wars Day, or intensive skills seminars.


august 18, 2019 - august 24, 2019

  • may 26, 2019 - jun 01, 2019
  • jun 02, 2019 - jun 08, 2019
  • jun 09, 2019 - jun 15, 2019
  • jun 16, 2019 - jun 22, 2019
  • jun 23, 2019 - jun 29, 2019
  • jun 30, 2019 - jul 06, 2019
  • jul 07, 2019 - jul 13, 2019
  • jul 14, 2019 - jul 20, 2019
  • jul 21, 2019 - jul 27, 2019
  • jul 28, 2019 - aug 03, 2019
  • aug 04, 2019 - aug 10, 2019
  • aug 11, 2019 - aug 17, 2019
  • aug 18, 2019 - aug 24, 2019
  • aug 25, 2019 - aug 31, 2019
  • sep 01, 2019 - sep 07, 2019
  • sep 08, 2019 - sep 14, 2019
  • sep 15, 2019 - sep 21, 2019
  • sep 22, 2019 - sep 28, 2019
  • sep 29, 2019 - oct 05, 2019
  • oct 06, 2019 - oct 12, 2019
  • oct 13, 2019 - oct 19, 2019
  • oct 20, 2019 - oct 26, 2019
  • oct 27, 2019 - nov 02, 2019
  • nov 03, 2019 - nov 09, 2019
  • nov 10, 2019 - nov 16, 2019

19aug4:30 pm5:15 pmFamilyAll Belts

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Basic Program

6 Months

Students are encouraged to attend twice a week. Training will focus on discipline, attention, listening, balance, kicking, punching, rolling and falling safely. Students start at white belt and are expected to reach green belt by the end of six months with hard work and consistent attendance.

Belt progression is awarded for effort and improvement but not guaranteed.


Black Belt Club

24 Months

Students should have attained a green belt before beginning the Advanced Program.

Students are encouraged to attend twice a week and training will continue to focus on discipline, attention, listening, balance, kicking, punching, rolling and falling. Training will also include advanced techniques including grappling, sparring, wrist/joint locks, basic weapon defense and disarming maneuvers. A full set of sparring gear and duffel bag are required for this program and the cost is included in the program fee. Students become eligible for tournaments, demonstrations team, and inter-studio events with sister schools. Students are expected to reach black belt by the end of twenty-four months with hard work and consistent attendance.

As in the Basic Program, belt promotion is awarded for effort and improvement, but not guaranteed!

Masters Club


Students should have attained a black belt before beginning the Masters Club. One class is dedicated to the Masters Club each week. Students are expected to be competent in disciplined behavior, listening skills, balance, kicking, punching, rolling, and falling. Training will focus on advanced weapons techniques, joint-locks, defense against multiple attackers and leading other belt classes as an assistant instructor. Belt promotion is granted by a panel of black belt instructors after a successful public testing scheduled by the lead instructor.


Fitness Classes


Fitness kickboxing classes are now 45 minutes long! Join us for our regular Tuesday and Thursday night classes.


At Freestyle Martial Arts, we want you to be sure about your decision to sign up your child, yourself, or your whole family! Every new student gets a free month of classes--twice per week--so what do you have to lose?

Here are our next beginner classes!


19aug4:30 pm5:15 pmFamilyAll Belts

19aug5:15 pm6:00 pmLittle NinjasAll Belts

20aug5:00 pm5:45 pmLittle NinjasAll Belts

21aug4:30 pm5:15 pmFamilyAll Belts

21aug5:15 pm6:00 pmLittle NinjasAll Belts

22aug5:00 pm5:45 pmLittle NinjasAll Belts

26aug4:30 pm5:15 pmFamilyAll Belts

26aug5:15 pm6:00 pmLittle NinjasAll Belts

27aug5:00 pm5:45 pmLittle NinjasAll Belts

28aug4:30 pm5:15 pmFamilyAll Belts